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E. LINDA PORAS, Accredited Appraiser                Member: Appraisers Association of America


” Welcome to my web site.  I hope you find all the information you need to make an informed decision on your Art Appraisal needs. Being in the art field for many years (see my CV above), I am well aware of the complexities of art valuation.  Please contact me for a site visit, pricing information, or any inquiries.”  
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Client References:   2017  –  2023


“Your Appraiser’s Summary contains a really cogent analysis of how the current climate amongst collectors may be changing how women artists of the twentieth century are being viewed and valued (and possibly also re-viewed and re-valued!) for their contributions. Thank you so much for your work, and for educating and guiding me about this important process each step of the way!”  Doria Hughes, Archivist & Collection ManagerRosemarie Beck Foundation 2023

“I have consulted with Linda Poras on art appraisal and market issues as both Deputy Director for Curatorial Affairs at the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, and now as Executive Director of the Fitchburg Art Museum. When I have questions about valuation, I turn to Linda first. Her work is consistently thorough, professional, and prompt. Linda is a joy to work with, and I frequently recommend her to museum patrons, art collectors, and colleagues.”  Nick Capasso, Director Fitchburg Art Museum, Fitchburg, MA

“Linda was a pleasure to work with as she was both knowledgeable and personable.  Our chats were fun and informative and her appraisal was spot on!  We were in doubt at first because the value of one of our paintings seemed so high, but after generously introducing us to a colleague at Christies, they were able to bring in the amount she had quoted. We were  thrilled, needless to say!”  Hilary Chaplain, Brooklyn, NY  (2021)

“Thank you very much for your fine, richly detailed appraisal of my recent museum gift.  I have read your appraisal with great interest and appreciation. It was wonderful to have a photograph of each print and drawing I gave the museum, and I am also glad to have the biographical information about each artist, as this amplifies my own knowledge of them.”  Chris Welles Feder, New York City, NY  (2021)

“What an incredible job! I am so impressed. It was wonderful to work with you and your communication was excellent, and that meant a lot to us.  I wish the rest of the estate was as easy as this.”  Nina Lille LeDoyt, Newton, MA  (2021)

“Linda reappraised one particular work of art for me in December 2018. Her attention to detail, her comparative information, and the quality of her work was not only outstanding which was evident in her robust report but also remarkably reasonable and realistic in her analysis and conclusions. I am so appreciative in now having used Linda’s service twice over the past few years; Linda would be my only choice for art appraisal work in the future.” Client, Winchester, MA

“I received the hard copy of the appraisal and it has exceeded my expectations, you are a true master at what you do. It is so comprehensive with such a high level of detail about the pieces and the artists, it was a joy to look at and so interesting to read. Beautifully presented with the photographs and history, which makes this more than an appraisal, it itself is a work of art. I am so glad you were recommended to me! I thoroughly enjoyed meeting you, and I thank you again.”  Ann Peterson, Art Collector

“Linda Poras appraised a painting owned by my mother, providing her with an expert report. After my siblings and I inherited it some years later, she did a superb job guiding us through the process of selling it at a top international auction house, even recommending professionals for packing and transportation. We are very happy with the result.” Philip Sandler, MD Brookline, MA   (2021)

“I wanted to thank you for the GORGEOUS reports you sent me…. I am so pleased you did such detailed  research on the history of the Studios, and the equipment and other items.  Absolutely blown away. This was exciting to look at and read!”  K. Mueller, Spencer, MA

Linda Poras diligently completed a thorough appraisal for me.  She was always available for questions, took great care in my home, and promptly presented me with meaningful information.” Ellen Bitton, CEO, President, Park Avenue Mortgage GroupNew York and Palm Beach

“I write to say how impressed I was when I opened the package with your appraisals.  They are so meticulously prepared and so ample in their detail that I had not dreamed of such perfection.”  Professor James S. Ackerman, Cambridge, MA

Thanks so much for your beautiful and comprehensive estate appraisal of the Dillon art collection. It looks great! The difference between your appraisal and our first one is night and day; I am so glad that I found you. Google search! You have been thoroughly professional to deal with and even delivered the appraisal two weeks ahead of schedule!”    Kent C. Dillon, South Dennis, MA

Opinion of value to sell art: “Recently I was faced with a dilemma until I visited E. Linda Poras website. My problem of art valuation was handled by a true professional at a reasonable rate. Linda guided me through the process and gave me all the comparable sales records that I needed. She is easy to communicate with, knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy; I am very pleased with her work.”
Hal Groat, Farmington, MI 

“Thank you again for the masterful work; I had no idea how comprehensive and beautiful the final document would look. It floored me! Your work is absolutely incredible and meticulous as you must have put your heart and soul into the project. Thank you for sharing the jpegs with me — the details are impressive. Am I glad that you made the home visit!”     S.T., Art collector, Boston, MA 

“I recently received an appraisal report from E. Linda Poras, Fine Art Appraiser. It was the most comprehensive and well organized report I have ever had the opportunity to review. With fine attention to detail, this appraisal was very well written, methodically structured and was most impressive.”
Michael H. Lally, Executive Director, Whistler House Museum of Art,  Lowell, MA

“Linda is an exceptionally well-qualified fine art appraiser. She knows the art and artist community in the Northeast especially in depth, but is knowledgeable about contemporary art in all media. Her contacts at the major art museums and auction houses are extensive.  Moreover, she is well liked and her excellent interpersonal skills guarantee her access to research opportunities, data, and individuals in the field who would not ordinarily be available to many other appraisers.”
Paul Master-Karnik Director, DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Lincoln, MA

“Ms. Poras did a thorough job in both the research and assessment of my paintings.   Her finished reports are detailed and beautifully presented. I am happy to  recommend her name to anyone looking for a knowledgeable person who can  both teach and enjoy the art that she handles.”
H. Taylor, Franconia, NH

“In 2005, after my father died, I had the task of finding someone to do an appraisal of his artwork for the estate. In my mind, this was by far the most important part of the estate. Having known and worked with Linda for many years, as colleagues in the art and museum world, I had no question as to who I would call upon. Linda handled this extremely complex project (my father’s long and prolific career spanned sixty-five years) with professionalism, sensitivity and passion, essential qualities when doing an estate appraisal, in particular. My father would be very pleased with the final result, as indeed we are.”      A.G.O., Massachusetts

When I began downsizing my home, I enlisted the services of Linda Poras.  Her assistance in identifying and contacting museums to donate my films and artwork to has been invaluable.  Putting my wishes in her capable hands has taken a huge burden off me. Having a qualified art appraiser who can walk me through this process, and who is very knowledgeable about museums and  IRS requirements, has taken the stress out of  an otherwise daunting process. ”
David Sutherland, documentary filmmaker

“Tireless, she never ceases to study and achieve depth of knowledge in collection areas that are of interest to her clients. As a curator Linda’s exhibitions, publications, and installations have been singled out for praise by the Boston and New York media. She has quite a following among collectors, dealers, and curators of 20th century and contemporary art. Linda has highly developed skills as an appraiser, connoisseur and curator, and has gathered an extensive network of art world leaders as her friends and associates. Her own background as an artist has given her tremendous insight into artistic issues and trends.”  Linda M. Steigleder, Director & CEOHill-Stead Museum Farmington,CT

“We found Linda to possess a strong knowledge base of both contemporary and modern art. Her appraisal of our collection was highly professional and instructive and was completed in a timely manner.     Bill Ravanesi, photographer

“Linda Poras is deeply knowledgeable about art and the art community, able to draw the kind of connections that make her a truly outstanding appraiser.  She is  attentive to all the pertinent detail, but goes one step beyond with well written and informative appraisals that serve to illuminate the art itself.  I am furthermore impressed by her ability to work with everyone from artists, to collectors, to museum professionals.  She is warm and approachable, willing to educate and make clear her ideas about the history of art, as well as the contemporary art scene.  Working with her is a joy.  I can not recommend her more highly.”     Katherine French , Executive Director,  Danforth Museum of Art, Framingham, MA


 (2011 Ms. Poras was quoted in The Harvard Crimson)


New England  508.577.7377  ¦  Miami to Palm Beach   786.581.7260 ¦  Email  linda@art-appraiser.com