Value of My Painting

“What is the approximate value of my artwork if I tried to sell it?”

Good Question. We get calls all the time asking the same question.

Here are a few criteria we need to know before we can answer that question.

1. Name of Artist – without this information we cannot research auction records or gallery sales to get value for your art work.

2. Medium/Dimensions – ie: oil or acrylic on canvas, watercolor, print, size, etc.

3. Can you find the artist’s name by entering it on Google’s search engine?

With this information we can possibly give you what is known as an

“Professional Opinion of Value” (POV)

This is not a formal appraisal but will provide you with a range of value, based on comparable sales and prices for the artist’s works. The fee is dependent on the number of works to be valued.  DO NOT bring the art work to the office.  Please call or email.

For the cost of a POV, send an email with descriptive information about your artwork


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